Banner Ads

Standard banner ad sizes are as follows:

  • Banner ads for websites are 150 x 130 pixels.
  • Enewsletter ads to go with blurbs are 400 x 100 pixels.
  • SmartBrief sizes and details can be downloaded here.
  • Institute home page slideshow banners are 625 x 352 pixels.

Information on small banner ads should be limited for maximum legibility. It is recommended that the vertical title block be used. If a photo or illustration is featured, as shown in the first Structures Congress example, it should take less than 1/3 of the vertical dimension and the horizontal title blockshould be used.

Larger banners like the second Structures Congress example allow for more information and larger images. It is recommended that the vertical title block be used. Photos or illustrations should take less than 1/3 of the horizontal dimension and appear to the right of the title block. The conference theme should be set in Futura Standard bold italic, upper and lower case and run across the bottom of the banner. A brighter accent color is recommended for the background. This area can extend the full width of the banner or the width of the conference title block area.

The title block and conference theme should never be placed directly over a photograph or illustration.