Internal Memorandum

The highlighted measurements show the proper layout and placement of text on an ASCE internal memorandum. 

The text should be set in 12 point ITC Garamond Standard Book. The leading (or space between the lines) should be set at 14 point. Memo headings such as “memorandum,” “to”, “from”, “date” and “subject” should be set in 12 point ITC Garamond Standard Bold in all caps. 

Using Garamond that is installed in Microsoft Windows is allowed. Arial is also an acceptable alternative.

The memo text is set flush left starting at the 1.25'' margin. The right margin is 7.5'' from the left edge of the page. Body text should not exceed this. Beginning with the heading, the memo text should start 2.5'' from the top of the page. No text should appear below the 1'' margin indicated at the bottom of page. 

If the memo text is longer than one page, blank paper should be used for the subsequent pages. See the following page for guidelines.