Proper Usage

The ASCE identity must always be applied in a consistent manner and care must be taken to avoid misuse and confusion. Our logo is the cornerstone to visual consistency, which is vital to an effective identity program.

This is the official ASCE logo, with and without the signature line, and the official color is Pantone Matching System (PMS) 286. This version should be used whenever possible. When the acronym "ASCE" is used in a sentence the logo should not be used. The logo should be used in all other instances where the letters ASCE will be prominently featured and special care should be taken to maintain the area of isolation.

A black, gray or white logo is also allowed.  Black and white versions are available for download in logo resources.

There are a few guidelines to follow in order to ensure correct size and spacing of the registered mark in relation to the logo. The size of the registered mark should equal one third of the height of the top arm of the E in ASCE and should be flush with the top of the logo. The space between the logo and the registered mark should also equal half the width of the registered mark.