Use Other Book Marks

When the ASCE logo is displayed with other logos, it is important that it have the same prominence. The ASCE identity should not be rendered smaller than other brand marks, but should appear the same size as the other logos. Considering that brand marks are all shapes and configurations, the size of the ASCE logo with other marks should be measured by visual effect.

Other organization logos should be approximately the same size as the ASCE logo only when their corresponding organizations are equally involved in the initiative, product, or service. Although size is usually determined by the height of the logo, it should be measured by the visual effect of the logo considering that they are all shapes and configurations.­

When more than one logo is used on a collateral piece, it is preferable that the logos be grouped together in an orderly fashion. It they are in a horizontal arrangement, the ASCE logo should be the first one on the left. If they are in a vertical format, it should be at the top. In some cases, layout may determine that the most prominent position for the ASCE identity is centered.

It is important that all the guidelines provided here be observed when other brand marks are used with the ASCE identity. Here are examples of correct and incorrect usage.