Branches - Horizontal Configuration

Two configurations are allowed for Branch modifiers.

The vertical version is preferred and is described in detail on the preceding page. However certain applications will work better with the horizontal version.

As shown here, the Section and Branch modifiers are flush left and moved to the right of ASCE. The rule aligns with the bottom of the logo. The length of the rule is equivalent to the longest line of type. The Section and Branch modifiers should not exceed the equivalent width of the ASCE logo, except when the Section name exceeds two lines. In these instances, the width of the Section name can exceed the width of the ASCE logo in order to keep it on two lines. The rest of the guides for the vertical version on the previous page apply to the modifier type. The space between the ASCE logo and the modifier is the height of the bottom arm of the E in ASCE.

Using the ASCE logo with its one line signature for this configuration is not allowed.