The four official Subbrand icons of ASCE are shown here. Each one represents its corresponding Subbrand and should appear only in the designated Subbrand color when color is used. For example, the Green PMS 368 C icon will represent the Knowledge and Learning Subbrand. If color is not used, the icons should be printed in black or knocked out to white on a dark background.

For reference, the official Subbrand colors are:

Knowledge & Learning -
PMS 368 (Green)

Leadership & Management -
PMS 151 (Orange)

Issues & Advocacy -
PMS 711 (Red)

Membership & Community -
PMS 4645 (Tan)

The Subbrand icons should be utilized when a “short hand” version of the Subbrand needs to be indicated. For example, in a table of contents, their use could indicate the subject matter of an article. The icons should never be used in any other color or for any other purpose than to indicate their corresponding Subbrand. When color is not available, the icons can appear in black and white.