The message text within an ASCE email should be well written, brief and professional in both appearance and tone. A simple, straightforward style should be followed at all times. 

Email text should always start with the first name of the recipient followed by a dash. Addressing the recipient in this way is both professional and polite. Do not use the term “Dear John,” for example. This format is more appropriate for a letter. 

Before the email is sent, activate the “auto spell check” option in the “Edit Menu.” Checking your email messages carefully before sending helps avoid errors. 

The message text should never carry any information of a personal nature and should not have any attachments that do not relate to the ASCE organization. The entire email text should be written in black and there should be no background design or color added of any kind. 

If these simple guidelines are consistently followed, all ASCE email transmissions will convey the professionalism of ASCE.