Branches - Vertical Configuration

When a Branch is designated, the Section modifier must also be used. The Branch name is separated by a rule from the Section name and is also set in the same size as the Section name in Futura Standard Medium, but in upper and lower case. If the width of the Branch name is wider than the width of the ASCE logo, the modifier should appear on two or more lines and be flush right with the logo. The space between these lines should equal half of the height of the bottom arm of the E in ASCE.

As previously stated in the logo brand standards, the ASCE logo should appear with its one line signature when addressing audiences unfamiliar with the association. This guideline is also applicable when using Section and Branch modified logos. The space between the signature and the Section and Branch modifier should equal 1.5 times the height of the bottom arm of the E in ASCE while maintaining the guidelines stated above. In order to maintain the legibility of the signature line, the minimum width of this modified logo should be 1.25".