Logo with tagline

The ASCE logo with tagline (Infrastructure Leaders Building Communities) may appear when addressing audiences familiar with the association. An example of this would be correspondence to Capitol Hill. The tagline should be positioned under the ASCE logo in Univers Condensed Light, all upper-case letters.

For the ASCE logo to be recognized, it must be readable in all communication efforts. Therefore, the minimum width of the logo with its tagline should be 1.25".

As a rule, the logo should not be reproduced if poor quality is likely to occur. Backgrounds and reversing the logo out may affect legibility. This should be taken into consideration when minimizing the logo.

Do not use tagline (Infrastructure Leaders Building Communities) with the signature (American Society of Civil Engineers).

The tagline should only be used with the logo and not within text without the logo.

If one instance of the logo includes the tagline, use the one with the signature in the other instance.

Black and white versions are available for download in logo resources.