Minimum Size

For the Institute logos to be recognized, they must be legible in all communication efforts. The minimum width of a shield logo without its full name, or signature, should be .75". This measurement should be taken at the widest part of the shield shape, as shown with the AEI logo. The minimum size of a shield logo with its signature should be based on the width of the rule underneath the signature. The recommended minimum width of this rule should be .5”, illustrated here with the T&DI logo. 

When the Institute logo needs to appear smaller than the recommended minimum size, the Institute signature or acronym, set in Universe Bold Condensed all caps, should be used. The choice of Institute signature versus acronym should be based on the size and shape of the item being produced. When the Institute signature is used, the ASCE logo without signature should appear approximately the same size as the Institute signature. When the Institute acronym is used, the ASCE logo without signature should be approximately half the size of the Institute acronym.

As a general rule, the logos should not be reproduced if poor quality is likely to occur. Fabrication materials and backgrounds may affect legibility.