Incorrect Usage

The sample email message shown here has several examples of incorrect usage for both format and content. Each is outlined below. 

Exhibit 1 - Do not set the text of the email in any font other than 11 point Arial. Do not address recipient using “Dear.” Use the recipient’s name followed by a dash. 

Exhibit 2 - Do not use any symbols of a personal nature or tone. 

Exhibit 3 - Do not change the color of your personal ASCE signature block. It should always appear in black. 

Exhibit 4 - Do not use a background on your email correspondence. It should always remain white. 

Exhibit 5 - In the “Call to Action” tagline do not change the font, type style, or color. The font should be 10 point Arial Italic and should always appear in black. Do not forget to underline the URL to show that it is an active link. This is the only time the ASCE website address should be underlined in email transmissions. 

Exhibit 6 - Never use any imagery or attachment that is of a personal nature. Attachments should only be ASCE related.